What Are Prime Picks In The Nfl


The NFL is a league that has seen plenty of changes over its history. From rule changes and player safety to concussion awareness and broadcast rights, the NFL has seen it all. And with all these changes comes new trends in the way teams play football—and win games. Over the past decade, we’ve seen more emphasis placed on certain positions than others when it comes to drafting new players and structuring rosters for success down the road.

And while every team is looking to draft their franchise quarterback and build around him, there are other positions that can help you win games. In this piece, we’ll answer What Are Prime Picks In The Nfl ? and we’ll take a look at five prime picks in the NFL right now and discuss why they’re so important to their respective teams’ success.


Quarterback is the most important position in football, and there are a few players who can be described as “majors.” There’s always talk of Tom Brady being one of the top quarterbacks in history and Matt Ryan leading the league in passing yards, but what about Aaron Rodgers? Matt Stafford? Jameis Winston? Andrew Luck? Drew Brees? Ben Roethlisberger? Deshaun Watson or Jimmy Garoppolo (whoever has his job)? All these quarterbacks have a chance to win MVP awards.

Wide Receiver

What Are Prime Picks In The NFL
What Are Prime Picks In The NFL

The wide receiver position is one of the most important positions in all of football. For those unfamiliar with the game, a wide receiver is responsible for catching passes from their quarterback and turning them into points by moving downfield to score. The most obvious statistic to look at when evaluating wide receivers is their catch rate, which tells you how often they catch the ball thrown at them (in reality it’s slightly more complex than that but that’s good enough for this article). Other key stats include yards per reception, receiving touchdowns and overall yards gained.

The best players in the NFL today include Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham Jr., DeAndre Hopkins and Julio Jones (to name just a few).

Offensive Line

What Are Prime Picks In The NFL
What Are Prime Picks In The NFL

Offensive line is the most important position on a football team. The center, guard and tackle positions are often referred to as “linemen”. These players are usually the largest players on the field, and spend much of their time engaged in blocking or run-blocking.

The offensive line consists of center (C), two guards (G), and two tackles (T). The linemen are further categorized by numbering: linemen wearing numbers 50–79 generally play at the guard spots; those wearing 80–99 are considered tackles; those with numbers 1 through 49 may play either center or guard. Some players who play both ways will wear a number in the 70s; these players will likely only play offense when they are in goal-line situations, or otherwise substitute for an injured player on offense.[5]

Defensive End

What Are Prime Picks In The NFL
What Are Prime Picks In The NFL

A defensive end is a defensive player who lines up on the defensive line in a three-point stance. The defensive end is responsible for preventing running plays and rushing the quarterback. He can also be called upon to drop back into coverage at times, or blitz from the edge of the line of scrimmage. The defensive end lines up on the outside shoulder of an offensive tackle and tries to get past him to disrupt the play. When rushing, he will often use a three-point stance with his hands on the ground, or two hands up in a bull rush position. He can also stand up and use a speed rush to get around the tackle.

The best teams have a good pass rush, and there are several ways to do that: you can use two outside linebackers as well as one inside linebacker; one inside linebacker and two outside linebackers (the latter being what most teams do); or even just one outside linebacker if he’s really good at getting after quarterbacks by himself (not recommended).

Defensive Tackle

What Are Prime Picks In The NFL
What Are Prime Picks In The NFL

Tackles are big men on the defensive line. They are usually the largest and most powerful players on a team, which makes them particularly good at stopping running plays. However, their size also means they need to be able to rush the quarterback as well. These players are incredibly important to any NFL defense because they take up so much space along the middle of the line, making it more difficult for offenses to run through them or pass around them.

In order for tackles to be successful in their roles on a defense, they need excellent strength and stamina as well as great lateral movement skills that allow them both to pursue opposing runners downfield and stop players from getting around them when rushing quarterbacks off-tackle.


What Are Prime Picks In The NFL
What Are Prime Picks In The NFL

A cornerback is a player whose job is to cover the wide receivers. This can mean that they are expected to make tackles, but also intercept passes. Cornerbacks are often faster than other players on the field and can shut down an opposing offense if a good one is playing against them. Cornerbacks are usually the smallest players on the field, but they must be able to tackle well and make plays in order to be effective. They also need great speed, agility, and reflexes so that they can stay with wide receivers who run past them. A good cornerback will often play against multiple receivers at once and is responsible for stopping a pass when one of their teammates intercepts it.

Cornerbacks have to be able to cover a large amount of space quickly and make tackles on fast players. They are usually the smallest players on the field, but they need good speed and agility to make it in this position.


As you can see, there are many different ways to win a football game. A great quarterback will always have his share of wins, but there are times when he must be supported by other players on offense. For example: if the opposing team is able to contain the quarterback’s receivers then it would be difficult for him or her to pass effectively. This is where wide receivers come into play because they are able to make plays despite being covered by defenders so that their QB can get off passes before getting sacked or intercepted! I hope the question What Are Prime Picks In The Nfl is cleared now.


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